When equipment hit hard rock, things broke. That’s where Heath & Sherwood came in.

    • 1927

      Heath & Sherwood founded by Clarence Heath and Slim Sherwood with first machine shop and service centre for drillers. Company established with the purposes of equipment manufacturing and diamond drilling for the booming

    • 1951

      Company split into two so each entity could concentrate on its own core competence. Heath & Sherwood Limited, the manufacturing group, began developing unique product line

    • 1964

      Manufacturing group sold to Ed Marinigh, Frank Aimone and Ed Mangan, and renamed Heath & Sherwood (1964) Limited.

    • 1966

      1st Rod Charging Machine (Hoyle Concentrator) supplied to Kidd Creek Mines

    • 1968

      1st manual Gaspé Puncher installed. Patent granted for H&S pneumatic-drive linear moving sample cutter.

    • 1978

      Patent granted for Magnograph™ Wire Rope Tester. Patent granted for Tuyère Silencer and H&S appointed the licenced manufacturer

    • 1985

      1st Automatic Gaspé Puncher installed

    • 1986

      Patent granted for Tuyère Pyrometer

    • 1991

      Patent granted for Automatic Tuyère Puncher. Development of custom Semi-Automatic Sampler for concentrate rail cars

    • 1996

      Patent granted for the computer version of Magnograph™ II Wire Rope Tester. Introduction & installation of the ARM™ Cross Belt Sweep Sampler. Integrated Cutter Enclosure

    • 1997

      Introduction & installation of 1st H&S electric-drive linear moving sampler

    • 2009

      Installation of Smart Cylinder, next generation of Tuyère Pyrometer

    • 2011

      Sales, Marketing & Support Agreement signed with The Beijing General Research Institute of Mining & Metallurgy (BGRIMM) for their on-line analysis & measurement

    • 2013

      264th Gaspé Puncher installed. 49th Rod Charging Machine supplied

    • 2014

      Launch of The Legend website

    • Today

      H&S supplies specialized mining and processing solutions to customers in 65 countries

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