Our Products

    Mineral Processing Equipment

    Additional Slurry and Solution Samplers

    • Sample Dewatering Module (SDM)
      Field mountable vacuum drying system

    • Sampler Installation Modules
      Field mountable frames for swirl tank, secondary sampler and SDM

    • Various Models of Diverters
      Linear, rotary

    • On-stream Analyzer Sampling Equipment
      Multiplexers, diverters, calibration samplers

    • Model GFD Gravity Flow Downpipe and Model ICPC-Intra Cell Process Control Sampler
      For in-stream sampling on mechanical flotation cells, column flotation launders, junction boxes

    • Model Spigot, Nozzle Tube and PEX Samplers
      Primary samplers for solutions in CIL circuits

    • Wiring Line Sampler for solutions in CIL circuits

    • Various Capacity Swirl Tanks
      3, 5, 10 and 20 gallon

    • In-line Fixed Launder Cutter

    • Various Capacity Feed Boxes