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    Tuyère Management

    Tuyère Silencer

    Model 6570 Ball Valve Type

    The original Tuyère Silencer forms an integral part of effective tuyère line management. With an increased blowing rate of up to 10% reported, it means higher copper production with lower maintenance and less frequent punching. It also means dramatic safety improvements with a significant reduction in sparks and flying matte due to minimized blowback, and a significant reduction in noise levels. Model 6570 is adaptable to any tuyère configuration.

    Tuyère Adaptor

    Ball-closing Tuyère Assemblies

    For copper and nickel smelting converters

    Fitted with a Noranda Tuyère Silencer for noise and blowback control, H&S Tuyère Adapters facilitate unrestricted air flow from bustle pipe through tuyère assembly. Stainless or carbon steel tuyère pipes with threaded or Victaulic connection to bustle. Flexible or fixed bustle pipes available on request. Standard units install with a single clamp stud. Bolt-on adapters available. Heath & Sherwood has designed many variations to meet customer needs.

    Tuyère Pyrometer

    Smart Cylinder Tuyère Pyrometer

    For accurate matte temperatures sighted through the tuyère

    Temperature measurement is unaffected by partial tuyère blockage, length changes due to brick burn-back, dust on periscope window, matte, splashing or flux additions. With the development of the Smart Cylinder tuyère pyrometer, periscope damage is virtually eliminated. Dual-cylinder air system replaced by a single large-bore cylinder with integrated periscope. Downtime is reduced from days to just minutes for changing periscopes in the event of accidental punching. Just one replacement saves thousands of dollars in downtime. Easy retrofit to converter and existing first-generation Tuyère Pyrometer systems.