Questionnaire for BOXA XRF Slurry Analyzer

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    1. What elements do you want analyzed in the slurry normal is 5 elements + % solids:

    Major Element 1: Major Element 2: Major Element 3: Major Element 4: Major Element 5: Characteristic: % solids, minor element 8: Element 9: , Minor Element 10: % solids

    2. How many process streams do you want to measure?

    3. Do you currently have an XRF analyzer installed?

    4. If so, is current sampling system adequate for the BOXA? Slurry supply lines require about 150 l/min (50-300l/min). Is the slurry discharge piping for system adequate?

    5. Does this analyzer need to communicate with automatic control system such as DCS?

    If yes, please select a communication model:

    6. Flushing Water Supply Available

    1) Quality:
    Other Contaminant descriptions:

    2) Pressure Range: Minimum pressure is , and the maximum pressure is

    3) Flow rate: Can flow rate reach to 20L/min (in short time)?

    , If no, maximum flow rate is L/min.

    7. Main Power Supply Available

    1) Is there 220V±10% , 3000W, 50 or 60 HZ

    Single-phase AC power
     If no, please indicate available supply voltage .
    2) Is there a special instrument ground

    8. Air Supply Available

    1) Is there 0.4 to 0.6MPa (58-87 PSI) instrument air supply?

     If no, please skip the following two questions.

    2) Air Quality :

    3) Is there an average 15Nl/min (4 USGM) air available?
    , If no,
    please indicate available air low .

    9. Environment

    Is there an analyzer enclosure or room: , if no answer 1) & 2)
    1) Temperature: Local minimum temperature is , and maximum temperature is ; The analyzer location minimum temperature is , and maximum temperature is

    2) Humidity: Local average humidity is , maximum humidity .

    3) Altitude: Local altitude is meter.
    4) Environment Vibration
    : isn’t a factor?

    10. Other Conditions and Requirements :