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    How many & what type of Converters used?

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    How many / and what type of puncher is required?

    e.g. 1 Automatic / 3 Semi-Automatic + 1 manual Standby

    Are there existing Punchers? What type?

    What type of puncher is preferred?

    Will Punchers be installed on

    or converters?

    For Automatic & Semi-Auto Punchers only: What is preferred PLC Controller? e.g. Schneider, Rockwell (A-B)

    For each converter requiring a Gaspe Puncher please answer the following:

    Size of Converter? L x dia.

    Total number of  Tuyère?

    Are any Tuyère outboard of the riding rings?

    What type of valves on Tuyère?


    Tuyère spacing?


    Approx. distance from Tuyère centreline to top of punching platform (floor)?


    Punching angle?



    Are Tuyère Pyrometers presently used? How many?

    Are Tuyère Silencers presently used? What type/manufacturer?

    Will a Refractory Drill be mounted on the puncher for tuyère drilling?

    Please describe refractory drill system used.


    Please describe method or manufacturer for clearing blocked or frozen tuyères that cannot be punched?

    If available, please attach photos or drawings of:

    ·         tuyères and tuyère line

    ·         elevation & plan views of the converter


    Additional Comments

    Typical Gaspé Puncher Data

    Vertical load on riding rail = 15.6 kN (3,500 lb)

    Horizontal load on thrust rail = 22.2 kN (5,000 lb)

    Minimum air pressure = 621 kPa (90 psi)

    Minimum air flow rate = 5.7 Nm3/min (200 scfm)