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    Smelter Tuyère Line Management Questionnaire

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    Shell outside radius
    Vertical distance from horizontal center line of vessel to center line of tuyère working point
    Angle of tuyère relative to the horizontal
    Radius inside refractory
    Tuyère spacing
    Number of tuyères
    Number of tuyères outboard of riding rings
    Position of tuyères relative to riding rings
    Riding ring radius
    Tuyère Body
    Preferred stroke of punching cylinder ( for standardization if other punchers are on-site)
    Inside diameter of tuyère pipe
    Type of valve (i.e. ball or flap)
    Flexible air hose connection (i.e. thread size and type, grooved coupling etc.)
    Distance from horizontal center line of vessel to top of punching platform floor
    Headroom from top of floor
    Horizontal distance from vertical center line of vessel to face of rear support columns
    Tuyère Line (for Puncher Automation System only)
    How many tuyères are there in the line
    Is there enough room to allow the puncher to travel two tuyère spaces past the last tuyère on both ends?
    What is distance from the column (for mounting the distance measuring instrument) to the edge of the Gaspé?
    Tuyère Pyrometer
    Is one or more installed?
    Where is it (they) installed (tuyère number)?
    Additional Comments
    Gaspé Puncher Data
    Vertical load on riding rail = 15.6 kN (3,500 lb)
    Horizontal load on thrust rail = 22.2 kN (5,000 lb)
    Minimum air pressure = 621 kPa (90 psi)
    Minimum air flow rate = 5.7 Nm3/min (200 scfm)