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NON-NUCLEAR ONLINE DENSITY METER – RED METERS State-of-the-art digital density meter with real-time readings

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A quality use-friendly density measurement instrument.

The Red Meters online density meter is the leading non-nuclear instrument for customers to measure the density of their process. This non-nuclear density meter is designed to provide accurate and precise measurements without the involvement of nuclear permitting and disposal.

This state-of-the-art online density meter means you can now break free of legacy limitations. Instead, global mining operations can now take place more efficiently than ever before.

Density is a very important measurement for both Grinding Control and Thickener Control. The Red Meters non-nuclear online density meter is your number one choice to avoid regulatory requirements and perceived risk.

How Does This Online Density Meter Work?

As process media passes through the flexible inline cartridge, the change in deflection of the cartridge is read by a highly sensitive laser.

The Red Meter takes continuous readings of multiple measurement variables that are recorded and used to perform a range of calculations by its integrated computer.

These calculated readings are then displayed and graphed on screen in real-time, as well as exported for archive and analysis. Measurements include density, media pressure, flow rate, and solids accumulation.

Red Meters Density Measurement Instrument – The Non-Nuclear Density Meter You Need

The Red Meters non-nuclear density measurement instrument carries many advantages for your global mining operations.

  • Simple, non-nuclear solution
  • Low total cost of ownership
  • Remote support and updates
  • Real-time measurement readings
  • Simple to install and maintain
  • Highly accurate and repeatable

The Red Meters non-nuclear density measurement instrument is an update to Heath & Sherwood’s product line. Customer feedback drives us. By making this product available, we maintain our commitment to delivering the latest mineral processing technology to our highly valued customers.

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Got questions? Email Phil Cancilla at [email protected] or Nick McGonigal at [email protected].

How Does It Compare With A Traditional Nuclear Density Meter?

A case study compared a traditional nuclear density meter against Red Meters’ non-nuclear online density meter. This determined correlation, accuracy, and precision of the instruments.

The case study concluded that the accuracy of the Red Meter versus the nuclear density meter was near identical. Ultimately, the precision of the non-nuclear online density meter was superior to the traditional solution. The Red Meter may be used in processes as an irrefutable process record and Statistical Process Control device. This allows users to readily identify process variations.

This is all done without the use of any nuclear material, allowing the user to bypass any need for permits or inspections, while simultaneously being the safer option.

Red Meters Non-Nuclear Online Density Meter

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Over 90 Years of Experience

The Red Meters non-nuclear online density meter is ready to assist you for whatever industry you work in or application required, including:

  • Mining: Thickener Control, Grinding Control, and Paste Backfill applications
  • Quarrying
  • Dredging
  • Aggregates

Put your faith in our company who boast over 90 years of knowledge and experience in the mining industry. Ever since Clarence Heath and Slim Sherwood established the company in 1927, we’ve always discovered innovative solutions for long-term satisfaction.

So what are you waiting for? If you have any questions or need more information, make a non-nuclear online density meter inquiry today.

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